Tuesday, March 8, 2011

rain, does it ever stop?

it has been raining for days.  quite frankly, i don't mind.  i enjoy rain.  it's a good excuse to study, to watch movies, to turn up the heat, to cross-train, to look forward to the coming flowers.  did i tell you i made tuesday a great day (and it's still going) because i TOLD myself that it would be a great day, NO MATTER WHAT!?

i was able to squeeze in a run today in the short 30 minutes that it did not thunderstorm (it has since begun again).  it was incredible.  literally, i walked up the stairs to my apartment and then it started pouring again.

the run was enjoyable, but not quite all that i had imagined.  i decided to only run 15 minutes due to a discomfort in the fatty pad of my knee.  i'm not concerned with it because i know discomforts come and go after an injury.  i know the weather change cause joints to squeeze and swell.  it's just annoying not to be able to feel like i once felt, but there is hope, and there is good news.  i am well on my way to becoming who i once was.

trusting in God is never easy, especially because i am SUCH a control freak, but it has never been easier than now.  it is really relieving to give uncontrollable situations to God and just let Him sort it out.  now, that's not to say i don't have to try and do the right thing on a daily basis, but it means i can stop being such a stress ball, worry wort, control freak-a-zoid, social zombie.  a lot of things have been going on here lately, but it is on the forefront of my mind to remember that God is in control and that HE is the one with the plan, not ME.

well, dr. wise is now in the room.....study session for midterms, here we go.

in the words of kW, peace & agape,

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