Monday, March 7, 2011

3 miles, no pain

it's a great monday.  not just because i was able to run 3 miles, but just because i woke up and decided it would be a great monday.  really everyone, that is all your days are about.  how the day unfolds is up to you.  your attitude determines 99% of well, everything.  yes, obviously there are things you are unable to control-weather, break-ups, hard exams, annoying gum-smacker sitting within ear shot, or an injury suddenly springs up.  but this is what it boils down to-attitude.  if you decide to make the best of every situation, the best will come of every situation.  i'm not saying things always go your way, but it is incredible at what something as simple as deciding it will be a good day, and living as if it is a good day (even if it is a surely rotten one at that) will do to not only your day but to everyone else's day.  your smile could impact the lady serving you coffee at starbucks, it could give hope to the passersby, it could take the stress off of lady running late, or it could remind yourself to stop....and smell the roses (when's the LAST time you ACTUALLY did that!?)
anyway, monday is a great day.
  • i had an organic chemistry exam that i told myself i would do great on. guess what, i came out of that test feeling like a champion.
  • i ate a cookie.
  • i am going to finish season 1 of dexter tonight.
  • i have alot of homework, and guess who is going to get it all done before 9pm!
  • i ran 3 miles and had no pain, just the expected pressure.
  • it was cooler today than most days, and i really was in the mood for cold.
  • it was raining all weekend, and i was really glad it rained. i like rain, it makes for pretty flowers in the spring.
  • i play augustana's "boston" on the piano in the chapel today, without hesitation; and i am anxiously awaiting sheet music for helen jane long. i am going to be so busy on the piano here soon that it makes my head spin with excitement just thinking about it.
  • i'm going to make chicken tonight, and i am going to eat right.
do you see how just telling yourself to have a good day can truly turn your world upside-down, for the better?  try it.  be amazed.

i ran with jay and anna today.  we are all returning from injuries.  it really makes it easier to come back from an injury when you have other people to lift you up.  i am going to run 3 miles again tomorrow with anna.  i can't wait to see how it feels.

on to homework, but this has been fun

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