Thursday, February 17, 2011


i was able to run on the underwater treadmill yesterday for 5 minutes.  it was a great feeling.   Joe had asked if i wanted to go longer, but i didn't want to get greedy.  5 minutes is good.  tomorrow i will be going for about 30 minutes on the underwater treadmill.  if that goes well, Joe says I can start running next week.  That is music to my ears!!

Today, i biked for an hour.  this is the first time i have been able to bike for an hour without wanting to rip my hair out (figuratively speaking, since i tend to do that sometimes) or without wanting to just straight up quit 5 minutes into it.  again, i moved the bike outside.  i felt less and less tightness each day.  usually i stop and stretch it out half way through.  this really helps, today i barely felt the tightness.  such great progress.  thank you for all the prayers and support!


maddox track and field 
some of my beautiful teammates
skylar, christina, and chelsea rae
morgan after a hard workout on the turf field
i can not wait!  we are going to camp out on the infield as soon as the track is completely finished! it is going to be such a fun event for the whole team.

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