Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yesterday marked 4 weeks since my surgery; however, more excitingly, it marked the first day I was able to run outside.  I am looking forward to the coming weeks as I slowly increase my volume and intensity.  I was able to run (and I mean more like jog) a mile of jog the straights, walk the curves.  After that, I was able to run 400m continuously.  As I progressed throughout the run, my knee felt better and better.  Also, it felt less pressured.  Loren was able to run with me.  She had surgery the same day as I did.  It is a great feeling to finally feel normal again.  We both have a long journey ahead of us, but we are taking steps in the right direction.

It is beautiful here in Mississippi lately.  It's February and I am constantly in sun dresses, sports bras, and shorts (obviously not all at the same time, sorry for my dangling participle)
It's wonderful weather for sitting outside, going on walks, watching baseball, and sitting on the balcony playing guitar.
loren and i at the baseball game

Luis pitching in the 8th inning

Morgan and I walking back from the game

beautiful mississippi

the men doing a track workout on our new track

my family

gorgeous flora of mississippi

engineering semi-formal

josh's birthday neon party

morgan hiding in a magnolia tree

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