Friday, February 4, 2011


i am sitting here on a Friday night watching Terminator and various YouTube videos.   I am trying to take it easy tonight because I just got my stitches out today.  Surprisingly, I was able to bend my knee nearly 90 degrees.  I walked up and down the hallway without my leg braces or crutches.  I felt so weak because my knee wanted to move on it's own accord.
almost at 90 degrees
almost there!!

the swelling is almost non existent! 

It feels good getting back into the swing of things.  I am already ahead of where I was last year with my knee.  I can see definition of my knee cap and hardly any bruising yet.  Within this next week I think my swelling will increase slightly just as I start to use my muscles and irritate my incision spots.

On a side note, our school's athletic poster just came out for this year and guess what, I AM ON IT! ^_^

track poster 2011

me with my pink hair

but don't worry.....i'll be ba-ck.

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