Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 1 After Surgery

Today was pretty good.  My parents took Morgan and I to Starkville Cafe for breakfast.  It was so good.  I saw my teammates there too.  They decided to go to S.C after their tempo run.  I am feeling pretty good thus far and I am only a little sore.  As the day wears on, I am getting sorer but my spirits are high and my friends are taking great care of me!  The medicine is working great.  They also gave me an antibiotic so I don't get any infections over the next few days. 

Morgan and I hung out at Dallas' today doing homework and working on a surprise which will be revealed at a later date. ^_^ We grilled chicken and made crazy burnt hot dogs, and yes, I still ate them because I love charred food. Call me weird, but I do. Also, I love Garden Salsa Sun Chips.

CONGRATS to the track dogs that ran/jump/threw in the Rod McCravey meet in Lexington!  HALEY RAN 9:44!  I am so proud of her.  She has taken a few days/weeks off because of her calf tear. GO DOGS! Katie PRd in the 800 and ran 6 seconds off her mile PR. CR is running the 800 and I haven't heard how she did.  I know Kalli is ready to tear up the track and Chloe is too! Ed threw and Pat jumped.  I can't wait to hear how everyone did and how fun the weekend must have been for everyone.

Despite the injuries and minor setbacks of our indoor season, our outdoor season is looking quite promising!!!!

On a side note: the signing date is quickly approaching. We have several lovely additions for next cross-country season.  I could not be more thrilled nor have so much anticipation for the coming fall. We are going to be a SERIOUS threat, just wait. 


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