Saturday, December 18, 2010

5k's of Christmas

I do fancy corn.
Today marked one week since I last tried to run.  I have not felt any pain going down the stairs now for nearly 4 days.  I found a small bump and a bruise behind my knee, but I wasn't so concerned with it.  My IT band feels fine. 
I headed downtown to the 5k's of Christmas to see my friend Kyle race.  I knew I couldn't run the race (that is me working on the not being stupid thing) but I wanted to try to run a little before the race started just to test it.  I was nervous, of course, but I really thought I would be okay.  I managed not even 2 minutes.  Awesome. 
Back to the bike for me.  Have I told you how much I really hate biking now?  Well, if you hadn't's torture.  The roads are always open, secenery always changing, noises always buzzing, and freedom in my lunds, soul, mind, legs.  I feel like my freedom has been snatched up once again.
Enough negativity, see that I corn, well, my new friend Jayson gave it to me.  I also got 5 bananas left over from the race, I could have taken nearly 20, but I figured 5 was a good, unselfish number.  I also met a guy named Parker and his mom.  They were really cool.  I just love going to races and meeting fresh faces and talking to people who are as passionate about running as I am. 

I do love corn,

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  1. It was so great meeting you, yes, I love it when Parker can meet someone who loves running as much as he does too, I wondered why you weren't running, so now I know ;) it's cool, He mentioned to me he'd like to talk to you again, he sent you a fb message on my computer, I also like your blog, it's awesome ;) & I think you are great, I feel blessed to have met you, hope we can talk again & maybe one day I'll see you running in a local race along side Parker, that b neat ;)