Tuesday, November 16, 2010

with each finish line, comes a new race: a new beginning

what a successful season for the MSSTATE BULLDOGS!

our team finished the season with their heads held high while making history. every lady bulldog came out of the season with a BANG! even those who did not run the final meet or biked their lungs off due to minor set-backs, each girl pushed their teammate to the next level mentally and physically. every one did their part, every one is a champion! we proved we are the toughest.
Lady Bulldogs Have One Of Best SEC Showings EVER

the team shocked the SEC with our 5th place finish as we were ranked 10th. MSU is not a team to take for granted. we will not stop at mediocre. we are here, and we belong here. we gladly run with targets on our back, so try to come get us.
haley and i placed on the second all-SEC team finishing 9th and 12th, respectively.

it's fun to be a part of something big!


Bulldogs Turn In Top 10 Finishes

once again MSU shocked the south region with a 5th place finish! the ladies ran very well with nearly every one setting another PR. i ran a 50 second PR after running a 37 second PR at SEC. coach franks' training truly prepared us all for a 6k! it was nice to finish a season with such heart and determination.

haley, adam, and i received all-region honors finishing 17th, 22nd in the men's, and 14th respectively.

at the regional meet, MSU had the best fans i have ever witnessed. truly, the fans helped us get through the race. cowbells left and right and could be heard from all parts of the course. i have never seen so many MSU fans as at regionals, even the home meet can not compare. thank you to EVERYONE who came out to support the MSSTATE BULLDOGS, whether your from kansas to indiana to texas, THANK YOU FROM US ALL! GO DOGS!

me and my biggest fans

me and hay- all region

daddy's girl

my grandparents and me

coach schmidt, me, adam, hay, coach franks


now, it's time to mentally rest and refocus......and tear up the track.

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  1. I am so Proud of you, not just for fast times but the way you lead, the way you conduct yourself. You keep a good head on your shoulders even if a race didnt go according to plan. You are an inspiration and I look forward to seeing you and the Bulldogs dominate through indoor and outdoor! I was very proud to wear Maroon and White!