Thursday, October 14, 2010

welcome to north carolina

finally, we made it to north carolina. more importantly, i made it to thursday without falling off the deep end. fall break was monday and tuesday of this week and guess who didn't get to enjoy it? me. however, i did thankfully catch up on homework and get a scientific review started and finished. (weight is OFF my shoulders for at least 2 weeks now). it was reviewed the causes of iron deficiency anemia in female distance runners; thus, the topic applied to me and was incredibly exciting and interesting, i just felt as though the hours diminished as quickly as the began. also, i received a 58% (a straight up F) on an article review that would normally have been given a high A in an english class; however, i guess this prepares me for what is to come in the professional world yet i am fairly disgruntled about the whole situation. that F is looming over my head. there is no way i am going to fail another assignment in this professional writing for biology class.
i anxiously and FINALLY completed the scientific review today on the bus just before arriving in boone, nc. it feels so good to have submitted the review on time and with confidence. i only hope to get a decent grade on this rough draft after spending nearly 35 hours on it. :XXXX

with that aside:
as we drove through the mountains this morning, i was reminded of God's creativity. the beautiful fall colors bursting forth on every tree through the mountainous fog. the rolling hills and towering mountains silhouetted against the grey-blue sky. the scene was something out of a movie it seemed, almost too beautiful to be passing me by for hours on end. it made me miss my indiana home, along the wabash, the gleaming candle light, the sycamores. everything about indiana. the smell, the sky, the cold, the leaves, the rain.

we run the blue-ridge classic 5k tomorrow at 3pm. i am looking forward to fall's icy air to fill my lungs and chill my skin as i pass through the biting wind and run on the hard, cold grass. something about that euphoria while running never gets old. i can't wait to embrace my mom and dad. they are my backbone and literally bend over backwards doing anything they can for me and my sister. sometimes i forget how truly blessed i am.

i can't wait to explore boone, nc tomorrow night with my parents.


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