Wednesday, October 20, 2010

4 x mile

this morning was no different than any other, or so i thought. i rolled out of bed, ate my nutella/pb toast, and drank a cup of hazelnut coffee...and off to practice i went. we pwnd the snot out of this workout...and not just me, not just haley, or not just dom....but the whole team pwnd the bajeezes out of it straight up.

4 x mile at 5:30am on intramural fields about 50 degrees


i know the volume isn't as high as we have normally been running becuase we are on a transition of our training cycle, but still, the intensity was there. i felt the stinging burn on the 2nd half of the 3rd one. up until the last mile repeat, they all felt like strides. we had 3 minutes in between each set. not bad. between the 2 and 3rd, my heart rate was just under 126 before we started the 3rd. i was pleased. my heart rate is coming down quickly after VO2. (have i mentioned that i can't WAITTTT until track season? i can't wait to go fast, fast, fast around that new track) my resting heart rate is now 40. this is really exciting. call me crazy, but it's like a game to me to see how low i can get it.

God has been showing up in big ways lately. He is still humbling me through silly things: tests, quizzes, a bad run, insecurities on pictures. it's fun to stop and realize that i have nothing without Him, yet i still take God and all His precious gifts for granted EVERY SINGLE DAY. i say that it is "fun" because seriously to be conscious of this fact is a step in making God my cornerstone, my solid foundation.
my mom got me some CD's this past week. i can't tell you how much they have influenced me. when i need a quick pick-me-up, a Sanctus Real song puts me in my place. Tenth Avenue North sings the song of my life, or the one in which i desire to lead. if you have no checked out Sanctus Real's CD "Pieces of a Real Heart" you should. also, the CD "Freedom" by Artists United for Internation Justice Mission, is a great listen. talk about our chains are gone and set free in Christ! everytime i listen to this CD i am reminded of Luke 4:18-19. we just talked about this in Chip's college group.

listen to: the redeemer by sanctus real

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  1. yay for you renee! that 5:21 is insaaaane. i PR'd for the season in my 800 during my circuit. i was not even close to being last like i was last week. it is just amazing to me how when we get ourselves together, how great of feats we achieve.

    keep rockin' it! wouldn't it be so cool to wear red, white, and blue uniforms someday? we just never give up those dreams either :)

    God bless you! ! !
    Here's a little verse for you, to go along with your theme of humility :)
    Luke 17:11-19 --> my new favorite :)

    -ri ri