Friday, October 1, 2010

on the bus

hello everyone,

i am currently sitting on the bus. it has been a while since i have truly written anything about my life or running here. i have been so busy, it literally makes me throw up. wake up at 4:30, run, class at 8, class at 9, scramble to finish homework, maybe eat lunch, 3 hour lab, more practice, ice bath, do homework, whip up a quick dinner, study, get to bed.....and repeat the next day. this is how i have been living my everyday. quite frankly i am sick of it and just need a break. i have been lazy any chance i get because i am pulled in every direction throughout the week. not to mention weekends turn into nightmares with little sleep doing homework until midnight. fact: i am lame.
however, this continous cycle which is now my normal has consumed my life. it has taken the place of important people in my life. it has taken place of God. it has taken place of my friends. it has taken place of my free time. it has made my running suffer. i have let it take control of my life and ditact my every move. what a fool.
running has been going relitivly good compared to the rest of my life, which feels like it is falling apart at most of its seams. i have been taking liquid iron 2 times a day for the past 2 weeks. i haven't missed all but once last sunday morning. this excites me because i know how important iron is to the body. especailly since i am doing a scientific review on causes of anemia on female distance runners. it has been a very informative and interesting topic to cover; it is very relavent to my life. this makes writing the paper more of a joyful experience rather than a drag (though a drag at times having to sacrifice a coffee dates and phone time and reading time)

we are headed to louisville to run the greater louisville classic. i am very excited by this meet. i have been working so hard on my weight, iron, and positivity here lately. i hope everything can come together and i have an excellent race. our team is getting better each and every day. we have packed up our girls. haley is dealing with a minor set back, but it is apparently nothign to be too concerned about. hopefully she will be able to run this weekend, but even if she can't, we are more excited and looking forward to the end of the season rather than right now.

i will have more updates soon. the outlets on the bus don't work so my battery is limited :/ we haven't even been on the road for 2 hours and my computer is dead. it's sad. anyway, off to learn about anemia, foot strike hemolysis, and diltuional pseudoanemia.

love and apologies,

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  1. rere:)
    i love you!!! i know it's tough, heck, i tried to do what you do! BUT read eph 3:20! the Lord is able to do so much more than any of us could ever imagine!!! we all get down, but just like at the end of a race, focus on the finish line! pursue that finish line with all your heart. but don't forget that the journey to that finish is as equally as vital. i love you and believe in you...maybe i can help you learn how to get some chill time!