Monday, August 16, 2010

back with my family

i am finally back with the girls and i have to say, i have never been more excited to run with people in my life. usually, i love running alone. i love the alone time, i love the chance to think and pray, i love just soaking in quiet. but now that i have my girls back, i just can't get enough time with them. i mean, 12 mile runs and then circuits and then ice baths are just not enough time together.
momma k is our new head track trainer. she is great, and instilled much feared respect from day one. it is going to be a great year, however, i'm not stepping one foot into the track training room this season. it is a black hole in which you rarely make it out of. thankfully i have been away from it for months, thus i'm not letting it suck me back in. ice baths are now taken in the turf room in pools since there are literally 50 runners at once. lorenzo has alot more work to do this year :) (lorenzo, our sweet fictitious, latino pool boy who fictitiously fans us and fictitiously feeds us fictitious grapes as we really bathe in our all-too-real icy utopia)
eating is going great, i am being smart about my choices and making sure i am getting enough but not gorging myself nor goring myself and then getting rid of it. so happy i am getting this under control and it wouldn't be without God as my strength and finding my beauty in Him and the countless prayers of others. thanks.
being in stark has never felt so right,

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