Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8x1000 and an arctic plunge

starkville sportsplex soccer fields
(these are just going from my memory, coach franks will be getting me my actual splits here soon)

i was really pleased with how this workout went. we started conservative and then worked down. mentally, 6 and 7 were the hardest. chloe, haley, and i ran as a pack. it was really nice having them push me. had i not had my teammates, i know that workout would not have been as beneficial to meeting my long-term goals.

we ice bathed afterwards, and it was literally the coldest one i have ever taken. it wasn't bad after the 2-minute mark, but still, my legs never stopped having the needle feeling. it was great though, ice baths are my happiness at the end of the day. the recovery process continues as i finish up my honey bunches of oats with almonds and my banana and gatorade.

i am happy with where my body is and how i am running. i know that i am healthy and i know that i am beautiful in Christ. this body is temporary and i am trying to take care of it. i am watching my nutrition and being smart about what i eat and how much making sure i get enough but not too much. for the first time since probably high school i feel as though i am a runner, i feel comfortable in my own skin and i wish others didn't make sure a big deal about my weight/nutrition. i'm 135-138lbs. big deal. skinny and fast don't necessarily go hand in hand, but fit and fast do. i am fit, thus i am getting fast.


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  1. This is going to be a great year! I can already see it...