Saturday, August 7, 2010

12 miles and an elephant ear

listening to: sean mcconnell's "madly in love with You" (wish i had this song to put on my playlist, it's that good)
every morning the sunrise says, "i'm madly in love with You.

dad: how was you run
me: best run of my life
dad: but you said that yesterday
me: yeah, but i really mean it
today was literally the best run of my life. i ran at eagle creek once again on that soft goodness of a trail. i ran 12-miles with only hitting the pavement a few times to cross the street to get to the other side of the trail. i found a new trail at eagle creek that i never recall running on, it was fabulous. i'm definitely remembering that for next time because it was such a beautiful spot and very enjoyable as well. so many people were out on the reservoir fishing and boating. it was hot, but not unbearable. it was humid, but not lung-sucking humid. being on trails, i was in the shade most of the run. my legs feel great except for this annoying shin splint in my right leg that has been nagging me for about 2.5 months. it's an off and on pain and it is the entire length of my shin, so i am not concerned with it.

when i got done, i felt as though i could have run at least 5 more miles, as if 12 isn't enough at this point. but seriously, i was just set on cruise control. i ended up running an average of about 7:30 pace, and my last mile was at 7:20. not bad, i'm really excited for this season. i love having sweat dry on your back so when you touch it, it feels like sandpaper. i love when you look in the mirror and have white sweat crust along the sides of your cheeks and neck. i love that my feet look like i am wearing socks, even when i'm not.

i went to the fair today and thankfully, i did not go ape wild as i could have. i had a turkey kabob, a root beer float which i did not finish, and an elephant ear (apparently some people outside of the midwest don't know what an elephant ear is.....well, shame on you. it is basically a ginormous deep fried sopapilla in an obscure shape with cinnamon sugar on top, heavenly). i knew that my body would have to answer to it later, so i put on the brakes and didn't let myself do the things i wanted to do. it was sort of hard with the root beer float because well, ice cream is my number one friend (easy to go down) and number one enemy (easier to come back up), but we got along tonight. i was good tonight. God is really empowering me and showing me what areas to take care of my body and what ways are not appropriate in which to take care of my body. it's been such a positive thing that i am able to share with/help other girls. i'm definitely praying for those of you who fall prey to stupid food at night and those who don't think they are adequate and for those who just get sucked into lies and for those who are just like me. i love you and so does God! (the one who you are modeled after)

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  1. when i read the title of this post, i totally thought you were going to talk about having one of those "WMB" runs haha. i meant to tell you on the phone that haley might have beaten your record. i think we had to stop like 4 times in 20 minutes lol. the run may not have been the best quality, but there were other things more important than running that were going on so i dont really care about the run lol

    3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! (unless you decide to come stay here for a night on your way back...HINT HINT)