Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my love affair with water

now that i have the most amazing hot pink colts water bottle, i drink more water than i should. i love it so much. i am having an affair with water, and no one can tell me to stop. i still think water and i should be spending more time together, but i am content with the way our relationship is unfolding. however, at night times, i tend to neglect my newest romance and head back to mr. coffee. tragic i know, but water is moving up in my book, as if it wasn't high enough already. i put a colorado flag sticker on the water bottle, i think it gives it a homey touch. good memories and one of the best states (obviously not counting indiana, because that is the best ever, but you know what i mean
there was a rainbow the bother day, full double arch. God is so wonderful and he keeps his promises for eternity.

i can't remember the last time i was stung by a wasp, but yesterday, i was stung in the big toe by a hung mother of a wasp. it was under a bed and as i was making it she came smack down on my big toe. today it really itches and is really puffy.

i am rocking p90x abs and i can notice a difference already. i hot tubbed it up last night afterwards and today my legs feel great. i hope the workout goes well tonight.

im a big fan of vanilla protein shakes, just saying.

yesterday we went to horsetooth on our day off and it was so enjoyable to just relax in the sun and do nothing. i got to catch up with some friends

God has been teaching me patience and to rest in him not just for the big things/decisions in life, but also the daily circumstances that i go through. that has been really comforting because being a control freak that i am, it is nice to know that i don't HAVE to control, nor CAN i control everything. that has been a really hard concept for me to grasp since i like knowing what is coming my way and how things should be done. also, i am learning that when i pray, i usually just tell God...hey, this is what i am doing in my life and please bless me in it....but i have come to understand that i need to be asking God's permission to see if that is really what i need to be doing in the first place. Kelly used the analogy that if a 7-yr old came up to you and told you hey i am gonna drive to town and pick up a few things, the parent would be like...whoa whoa whoa, not so fast, that is not in your best interest nor is it safe, let me go with you. HELLO!!??? that is exactly what we (especially me, i am probably the worst of all) do everyday when we tell God that we are making this decision or that decision without consent of His authority, we just turn a blind eye thinking we know what is best. silly us. that is what i am learning, what a humbling experience. i am so thankful to know that God has got a plan for me and that he wants nothing but the best for me.

now, the sun is calling my name, and i am going to sun bathe.

rae rae

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