Tuesday, July 20, 2010


tonight i went into town with luke and daniel and we completed my 5x5 min fartlek. for beginners, fartleks are were you run an extended amount of time at a controlled fast pace and then run at a slow jog pace for an extended amount of time and then repeat that at a designated amount. so i did 5 minutes hard, 4 minutes easy....5 times. ends up being 45 minute work out plus my mile warm up and mile warm down.

it had started raining as we left the canyon, but once we got into town the rain ceased and the clouds stayed overcast. i was so thankful for this. the wind picked up, which i am not a big fan of, but it didn't make a difference one way or the other on this workout.

we ended up going further today than last time, so it is nice to know i am making some kind of improvement. i'm pretty tired and sore from pushups and p90, but i am really enthusiastic about it because when my body is exhausted and i am so busy, that is when i really feel vibrant. like i am getting somewhere in life, call me demented if you must, but that is just me.

i just got out of the hot tub, so wonderful for my legs; yet not as enjoyable as last night's hot tubbing experience.
the moon is pretty, the stars are out, colbie caillat is humming in my ears, and i'm about to go chill in the man cave.
loren, if you are reading this, i just want you to know that i just thought about what happened before i became "pucker up" with a cowboy hat and a pistol in my hand. please tell me you know what i am talking about. i just think of so many memories that we have shared. it makes me miss you even more. when i get back to starkville, that is where the fun begins.........

oh, i ate a giant cinnamon roll tonight.......

running, loving, praising my God,
noodle nay

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  1. If I had a dollar for how many times you have mentioned Colbie Caillat on here and facebook, I would be pretty rich right now haha! Of course I remember that night, Pucker up! Oh, how that excites me for you getting back here!