Sunday, July 25, 2010

11-miler and scared for my life

listening to: colbie caillat (is that a surprise?)

today was one of those days where you just can't wait for it to end, yet it was still a great day in all. i was looking forward to the run all day because i knew that would be at least a 3-hour trip that i would have all by myself. i think my day was so crazy because i really investigated who i was, and what my purpose is, and what i am doing with life. i literally wrote 5.5 pages of questions i was asking myself and God. God really showed me today that he is in control of my life and that if i obey him, things will turn out better than i expect. i just can't put into words my emotions, regrets, thoughts, or worries right now; they are all running rampant. so the run....
the 11-miles went great, however, i was seriously freaked out the entire time because there were 2 different instances where creepers watched me. one was worse than the other though. i have never had anyone stop and get out of their truck before. not being judgemental, but these guys were dirty dirty. as soon as i got to a T in the road these guys pulled over: passenger seat rolled the window down and at first i thought they might ask for directions, but then the driver got out of the truck and walked around to the back of the truck bed. i made sure i made direct eye contact with both of them and i put on the meanest mug i could muster up. i was at 50 minutes exactly and thought, "hmmm, good time to turn around and book it the other direction." my senses were so in tune and i really think i could have killed anyone. luckily there were houses in the near distance (country style very sparse and population 10 for miles) and a lady watering her garden about 200 meters away but it was tucked away in some trees. i always have senario movies running through my head as to what i will do if certain things, i was gonna dash over some barbed wire fence to the nearest house and scream bloody murder. i heard them drive away with a peel out, but i was afraid that they would come at me from the other direction (head on this time). not gonna lie, probably my scariest moment ever running (especailly since i am a girl, being nabbed and raped is my ultimate fear). i was paranoid for the rest of the run, but i got in some good alone time speaking with God about issues and life matters.
finding myself again,
rae rae

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  1. Ii'm gonna be honest...I'm kinda mad at you for running down there by yourself and I'm also mad at Luke and Daniel for letting you run by yourself down there. What if something bad would have happened? I would be forever lost without you. I'm thankful you are safe! Not too much longer til I get to see your beautiful face!