Monday, April 19, 2010

the 7-day forecast

monday (today): 5 miles at relaxed, 4x100 situps 4x25 pushups
tuesday: 1000, 3mile tempo, 1000
wednesday: 3 miles easy + 3x circuit (PLEASE PLEASE do NOT be pilates!)
thursday: 5-8miles at 7:20 pace
friday: 3 miles easy
saturday: 5 miles at 7:20
sunday: 20 min jog relaxed

it is going to be a awesome week of training! i am excited yet nervous to do the 1000,3,1000 tomorrow, but it will be a nice change of pace. the knee is doing great and i couldn't be more thankful or blessed to be pain free.
i end classes on friday and then i am done with finals by wednesday night at 10! very happy next week and a half. but with that being said, i have to be so diligent in getting my things done and staying on top of my tasks. i have been unmotivated in several aspects of my life, but it's time to change my nasty attitude.

what a weekend! SUPER BULLDOG WEEKEND is now on my top ten weekends of my life, period. i had a great time, with great people, and great weather!

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