Tuesday, February 16, 2010

not quite ready to run

well, it has been 2 days of PT and improvements are already visible. my knee cap if finally visible and my quad is starting to regain definition. the first day of PT (monday) i was able to bend my knee 60 degrees. today, i was able to bend it 85 degrees. my knee is incredibly tight around the IT band and on the inside of my knee cap, but progress is looking good.
i saw dr. linton today and he said it is time to start gradually weaning out of the leg brace. when i am at home and in a place with no very many people (so i don't get bumped and banged) i can take off the brace and try walking. i am supposed to walk down my hallway a few times every night with an over-exaggeration of a knee bend. hopefully, by the next i time i see dr. linton he will tell me that i can either start aqua jogging or biking. i think aqua jogging would be my best bet right now, but we will see in a week's time.
i am very excited about these next few weeks to come. i am learning alot of things about myself and people still. oh, and i have perfected the art of driving with my leg brace (i'm pretty sure it's unsafe, but it gets the job done).
i'm predicting 4 more weeks until i run, we will see. thank you for all your support everyone, i couldn't do it without you. and more importantly, i could never, ever possibly ever think about doing any of this without the help and safety net of my savior, Jesus.



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  1. im so happy that your recovery is going well! i cannot wait til you start running!