Saturday, February 13, 2010

my name is salmon

valentine's day: a pure genius way to boost the economy after christmas slumps and make woman believe deceptive lies printed by hallmark, but such a good excuse to get fat on chocolate (right, i forgot, can't have any) this is an overrated day when you are single, most miserable, pointing out the fact that no human really cares enough about you to buy you jacked up roses with petals shaped like dollar signs. this is a chivalrous-less holiday in which men escape all other 364 days of the year. if you are in love, great, have fun at dinner (you probably do that every other weekend of the year)

i've already determined that today is going to be a very awesome sucky day. go me for being single and go me for being brave.

swimming upstream has never been so hard,


  1. You got me!!!
    So you're not really "alone-alone." But cheer up, R'nee! IT is SUNDAY..the day of rest, Sabbath, and gearing up for a new week.