Thursday, November 26, 2009


this girl is!

that's for sure.

okay, GOOD NEWS....and also, laughs to go around. at least the joke is not on me.
so what REALLY is wrong with my leg.
nerve probelms? ha, yeah right.
no....its my peroneal TENDON!
do i have to take my medicines anymore!!!??
monday, i can try to trot 10 minutes. still obviously going to elliptical my lungs off. basically, im excited.

i need to build my confiendence back up, its apparent that its in the trash can right now, but.....itll get there.
i gotta go back to wearing BOTH orthodotics, instead of one. that was my was i supposed to know? what a tough lesson to learn on my own. :/ oh well, i am so thankful i learned that. :)

i can't wait to run with the girls again! i love my team. i miss them so much.

scared though....the outside of my knee is sharp sharp sharp pain. gonna call my PT, debbie, after turkey day. just hesitant.

work smart.

thanks for everything God, you're the best.

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