Tuesday, November 17, 2009

mental relief

it's no secret that i don't trust or feel comfortable around the doctors here at state. just a personal preference.

the best way to explain?

well, a good doctor is like a good bra.
when you find one you like, you keep going back to it because it helps in every situation. rarely ever trying on new styles or sizes...when you know it works, it works.

i have an appt with MY doctor, the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS doctor.
trust him?
you bet i do.


1. he put me on my feet quickly with my 1st injury-knee-WITHOUT medicines
2. when no one here would tell me i had a stress fracture OR put me in a boot...he did, and got me back on my feet to run a PR.
3. he makes me feel like everything is going to be okay in the end.
4. he is pro-active...gets me into PT and calls to check up on me.
5. he helps the Colts....of course he is good.
6. he doesn't forget my name.
7. no medications, all natural.
8. he doesn't mess around, if he suspects one thing...he gets it done. no matter what. no waiting.
9. did i mention he doesn't treat medication like candy?
10. he is just cool and rather attractive.

not that i don't love mississippi state, because i do i do i do. got the best coach, the best team, the best campus, the best sleep bus, the best church.....i just feel like....well, indiana is home to the best doctor.

see you next wednesday dr. kersey.

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  1. i love the analogy! im happy that you are going to your home doctor. i hope he figures out whats wrong so i can run with you again. running is not complete without you!