Wednesday, September 2, 2009

recent events will spark a revolution


IT WAS ALL MORGAN'S IDEA!!!!! my two devious roommates (who also participate in track &&&& field) and i decided that last night was the night to trap big ed in his apartment, thankfully (well, for our protection as well as carrying out harmless pranks) he lives across the hall from us. it was-we thought-a well executed plan UNTIL ed openned his door and walked out. we tied the rope the wrong direction...stretchy rope didn't help the plot. we made ed go back in his abode while we devised another way to trap him in....and....IT WORKED! he couldn't get out. haha, me and my roommates are too much fun.

today, was operation pink hair. sarah and i managed to obtain a "pink fetish" hair dye kit (no, im sorry, this time wasn't "lusty lavender" or "luscious raspberry") but PINK FETISH! sarah did the hair just under her bangs, i think that is awesome and will look so freaking cool either up or down. i did the hair on the side of my head, just above my ear. let me tell you folks, ITS ELECTRIC!! me and sarai def rocked it down to electric avenue this afternoon. thank you to morgan, our beautican; and CR, our photographer.

we enjoyed it all too much


hills in the morning.

throat is itchy and im taking zinc,
the pink panther

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