Sunday, August 23, 2009

safe haven

today i decided to take the day off (do you blame me??). i was supposed to run an easy 30 minutes, but since i have recently been having worries about my foot again, i thought it best to allow myself some quality r&r. my hamstrings are quite sore from the intervals yesterday, but it is that good kind of sore. the sore where you know that you worked hard enough to bust your chops, but not so hard to where it will take more than 2 days to recover.

when i woke up, i had absolutely zero fears about my foot, thankfully. i walked around alot today, however. im going to keep an eye on it for the next few days/weeks. i know i will be fine, my mind is just really starting to freak me out with bumping my mileage up significantly. i have 10 miles in the morning. it will be smooth, i can already tell. i am going to run with my ipod, most likely, despite its blocking of team conversations. i need to feel that solitariness (is that a word) when i run.

there was an athletic banquet/get-together today at the palmiero center. it was fun to meet the new freshman athletes in the different sports. alot of people stuck to their teams, but my social butterfly took flight and met alot of cool, new faces.
drayvon and ashley-volleyball
brooks and robby-golf
chris (finally in person)- tennis
tim, alex, trevarus(sp), taneshia(sp), jo-track

it was really fun because they had blow-up bounce houses and obstacles courses. i didn't (unfortunately) partake in these events due to my attire. it was great to see everyone getting along and warmed my heart to know that mississippi state is truly a place i can call home.

until morning practice,

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