Monday, August 24, 2009

long run

so today, as i said yesterday, was a 10-miler. it was awesome, as i once again said it would be. last week was a 12-miler, so it was a nice transition to run 10 this week. my legs felt smooth and relaxed. we, unfortunately, ran south farm again (for the millionth time) but its okay, because its soft and will be better in the long run (no pun intended) my hammys are still a bit tight, but that is to be expected.
chloe and kelly were late this morning, and i can't say that i would hold it against them. everyone is gonna be late, at least once in their lives. 5:30 is early. sunday night ends to quickly. i saw them running out to south farm as we finished up, and i hope they had a pleasent run. we aren't going to have morning practice tomorrow, thankfully. its just an easy 5 miler and then 3 in the afternoon. really not too bad, at least ill get about 30 extra minutes of sleep.
i woke up at 4:03 this morning. glad i did too becuase i got a jump start to the morning. i took some pictures around the apartment because i got bored. after practice i made morgan and cr (and matt came for breakfast) berry flavored muffin tops. they were delcious.
low fuel and full steam ahead,


  1. i can't wait to do a full long run with ya'll! the muffin tops look yummy...they look a lot like cookies...but of course You wouldn't be making cookies :)

  2. i eat muffin tops since i am not lucky enough to have a muffin top myself.