Thursday, August 20, 2009

for the hill of it

what the hill?

yeah, hills today. 6miles of hills, on south farm. we did 4-1.5 mile straights. not literally running to murder, but close enough. that was my first real "workout" back at state if you want to call it that. i have only been back running for a mere 2 months and 2 days. it killed my quads, but i have never felt so good in my life. my breathing was a bit off as i neared about 4.5 miles. i stayed strong from the get go and pushed my teammates along the way. they pushed me as well. kelly, chloe, and adriana stay with simone and i for about 2 miles and then kelly and ad dropped back. chloe really pushed me for the 3-4th mile. she stayed with us a good part of the time but simone and i finished right together. simone really helped me push through because i was having a little bit of trouble near 5 miles and i thought i was going to die, but i broke through the mental barrier (something i am going to have to learn to overcome again since i have been away from it for so long). overall, the team is looking rather sharp for this early in the season. everyone still can go a long way with the right dedication and effort. i hope to see this team improve greatly with the amazing start we already have.
we are going to be a blinding force in the near future, i just know it.

oh hill!

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