Wednesday, August 19, 2009

back on track

it is another school year, which means another season of pain, guts, and blood. i can't tell anyone how incredibly excited i am for not only being back at mississippi, but also for the entire ability to run. as you may not be aware, i suffered (yes, suffered more than i ever have in my whole life) from a stress fracture for a total of 6 months, running on it for 2 and recovery for 4.
but! it's a new year and a new season. it is time for big things from the team. we have 7 wonderful new freshman (adriana, kelly, chloe, kalli, eilene, haley, christina, anna) to add to this team. even though we are a young team, we will be fierce. injuries still continue to plaugue our team, but that is just apart of running.
our first meet is under way on the 5th of september at sewanee, tn. this is a great first meet because it is low key, but the newbies can still get a sense for what traveling, competing, and MEAL MONEY! at this level are like.

we are off to a great season so far, it's the only thing we know.

msuwxc uawa

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  1. I'm cheering out loud for you girls ;)
    Listen to your (beautiful) bodies and work as a team!