Saturday, March 3, 2012

i haven't had a computer

dear readers,

i apologize for not updating my running blog for the entire indoor season.  i have been without a computer for a few weeks now.  it has been a bit relieving in the sense that i am not confined to virtual relationships and enslaved to electronic memos.

here is recent insight to my whirlwinded life.

  • i applied for graduate school and my application is being reviewed.  i should get news in the next few weeks.
  • i am going to be teaching biology, comparative anatomy, and microbiology labs next year.
  • i ran 9:58 and 4:55 for the 3k and 1600 respectively this indoor season. i am happy to be healthy and running at this point in the year.
  • i destroyed the PRAXIS
  • i started steepling.
  • my workouts are going very well.
  • i'm addicted to instagram 

i have been doing typical 3x4x400 workouts with 90 seconds rest at avg 71.  these are my favorite workouts. i can't wait until coach moves my rest to only 60 seconds. i like just repping these out.

i did my first long run of the year, 80 minutes.

steepling is going great. i did 4x3x400 earlier this week and every second lap i did collapsable hurdles. what a trip! i got such a high.  i feel much stronger going over hurdles with my left leg first, but coaches think otherwise.  i'm still getting steps down, form right, and confidence up.  buttttt, come on, it's my first time jumping barriers and of course i'm not gonna be a pro ight off the bat.  it's gonna take a few weeks to hone my skills.  however, coach thinks i look strong and his confidence in me makes me feel good.  when you know your coach trusts you and believes in you, you feel like you can't fail.  coach schmidt makes me feel like i can't fail.

one more full week and then spring break begins! of course i will be staying in mississippi training, but at least my mind can get a mental break.  the weather has been wonderful lately (minus the crazy tornado weather) but i got very tan in just one day!

our first meet is in lousiana in 2 weeks.  then our outdoor season gets underway very quickly.  we have the Big 10-SEC challenge, ole miss invite, our home meet, PENN relays, another ole miss meet, LSU.  everything is going so quickly.  i am determined to make this the best season and end of my senior academic year.
me, rizz, and briou
morgan and i
dad and me with his new FJ! 


  1. whew. I was worried you'd given up on the blogging world & was quite saddened. Great to have you back :)

  2. YAY, what a successful indoor season after being hurt, awesome! So excited you are running the steeple, you will be amazing!