Thursday, January 5, 2012

shoot it up

after hours of PT, too many pills, and endless tears of frustration, i am seeing Dr. Linton tomorrow.  i am going to just straight up ask if i can get the shot.  i understand why i need to do PT, because i physiologically understand what is wrong with my gait and the areas i am prone to weakness.  i understand all of that, but with this inflammation, i can't do anything.  at this point, physical therapy is almost an impossibility because it hurts to even walk, now.

last week i was doing great.  i even went 2 days without serious pain, but now, it feels like the foot is back at square one.

i KNOW my body.
i AM freakishly symmetrical.
i KNOW that this is the exact same problem as my right foot.
i WANT the shot.
i WILL continue with physical therapy.
i just WANT the pain gone.

i'll let you know how it goes.

1 comment:

  1. I'm happy you are getting the shot in the other foot. I wish they could send you to OCH for your PT. I saw Shannon after having Maddy and in a. two months she fixed an injury I had had for 8 years. She just knows women's bodies because she's a WOMEN. Female runners have had major success with her. I don't think your three weeks was wasted because you cross trained...but yes I would rather see you running. I'm hoping you have a huge year....YOU STILL can. Remain positive...I am being optimistic for you. Love watching you out there!