Monday, December 26, 2011

doctor tomorrow

the dose pack is helping, however, it is minimal.  my foot still hurts and even in the boot it is painful.  funny thing is i can wear heels and not feel it at all! (maybe ill just run in heels) i see the doctor tomorrow and i really hope he decides to give me the shot.

the shot was almost like magic on my right foot, so it is only natural to believe the left one will be the same.

i binged on chocolate today for the first time in.....i can't remember.  it's making me think too much because i haven't had the chance to go to the gym to bike in 3 days.  i'm not seeing it as negative. i'm living with my decisions.  i'm not trying to reverse my decision. i'm not going back to mia, i can't live with mia, i refuse.

looking forward to waking up early, biking, and then heading to the doctor.

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  1. I'm calling you tomorrow! Praying that your doctor visit goes well! Love you!