Friday, October 28, 2011

so my foot.....uh, hurts.

i had a wonderful workout yesterday.  we did 800/1600/800 with 5 minutes rest in between each.  we tried to focus more on evenness.  i am a pretty good pace runner, but running each 200 even.....maybe not so much.

800-35 for first 200, 2:36.
1600-coach told me to only go 2:40 through the half, we went 2:43. i looked at him and gave him the look of "ok can i unleash the beast yet?" 5:18

this week was terrible with tests; however, i am finally feeling like my old smart self again.  getting my priorities straight and really taking the time to focus.

cell phys-93
biochem-11 hours of studying and i get my test back on tuesday
comparative anatomy-99-100%...yeah.
com anat lab-100%!!!! (i hate the shark and cat that i am still working/dissecting)

last night when i was in the library, i walked down the stairs and felt something on the bottom of my foot. i took my foot out of my moccasin and started looking at my foot/rubbing it.  the guys at the library counter asked if i was good?  no i'm not good! ha, i looked like a fool.  i know the feeling, i have felt this before, multiple times.  i don't know if it is just a stone bruise, inflamed ligament, jammed toe, or something more serious that i refuse to say.  i'm just nervous.

i talked to my trainer today and she said she isn't certain.  i ran 5 miles and then biked.  it is feeling better right now, and in my tennis shoes it is much better than flats or sandals.

i'm ready for big things and i don't need and can't have a set back right now.  i am praying this is just a fluke.  i have had stone bruises before and those can be quite painful.  it's at the head of the metatarsal so that is unusual for a "thing i won't mention"


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