Saturday, October 22, 2011

6-mile progressive tempo, malfunction but managed

i have been on a up-up-and-away kick lately.  every workout, every mindset, every smile has been better than the last.  i knew what i had to get done today, so naturally, i do all the things i am supposed to do and then some.  i know that i am supposed to go out for my 6-mile progressive tempo at 6:15 then work down to around 5:30 for the last mile.  hell bent on glory.  i also knew that we would have to actually try not to go faster than 6:15 on the first mile and be patient.  going 5:30-40 pace for every workout has made 6-min pace seem like a joke.  (i realize this is a decent pace, i'm not downplaying people who run 6-min pace, just comparatively speaking and what i needed to run in order to accomplish my goals)

here's what happened:

just strolling through the Refuge, honestly talking. i realized my shoes were too tight, but decided i didn't want to let it bother me mentally so i nutted up. hit the one mile and just wanted to stay even on the next.....but
it was a comfortable pace, realized we probably slowed down a little too much.  had one hill to crest in the beginning and i think the mile two mark might have been a little long (maybe) we had a good 2 mile easy and now it was time to get rolling, some of the girls were a little nervous that we were 6:20 at mile 2, but i assured them that we were fine. the last 4 miles is where the work really counted....
this was the half way point.  i think my body was very confused on paces and i didn't like going slower on the second mile.  i just wanted to stay consistent....
finally, some speed.  i vocalized how upset i was with how the workout was going on our way to 4 mile mark.  i didn't like it one bit.  i realize that to be a great runner at any level you must be dynamic, i was just moody and being a mental head case. we rolled on....
i felt the best on the fifth mile. plain and simple.
i hated the 6th mile,  i felt like i was racing anna the whole entire time, not on purpose we just were racing and there is nothing more to it. i don't like racing in practice. i am glad we finished at 5:32, but maybe that was a bit fast.

i was mentally strong and could have kept pushing.  needless to say, i was glad to have the workout over with.

35:45 for 6 miles

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