Saturday, August 27, 2011


i have had some seriously good workouts recently. i feel great coming off such a high volume summer. there were days i didn't think i would make it, there were days i didn't want to do it, there were days i cried, and there were days i didn't want to do anything else but run. my base in the summer has really provided me with a solid foundation on which to build.

8x1000m: goal pace of ??
(my paper is upstairs and i really just don't feel like getting up right now)

3 x 2.5 miles at akerman with 2 minutes between sets (on average the course is 12 seconds slow)
goal pace: 14:50-15:40

15:33-i felt great. haley and i were really relaxed through the first set. legs were a bit tight because we didn't do a full warm-up since we had high volume threshold.
15:22-i felt amazing. we were roughly 8-10 seconds faster through the first mile. coming down the home stretch haley and i were rolling. it felt so good to stride.
15:40-coach wanted us to work on pack running. even though my time was a little slower, it was still within my threshold. i was really glad to run with the rest of the team. i really helped anna break through on that last set. we dropped the pace with a mile to go.

over all, it was a great workout. i was so jacked up on my runner's high. on my way back home from the workout, we rocked out to prince (enter symbol here). i will post a video of it soon ;)


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