Saturday, August 20, 2011

3-mile time trial

MSU XC TEAM 2011-2012

words of wisdom from my dad:
"live for now. worry about later, later. enjoy college, it only happens once. oh, and kick ass saturday."

jodie and i with our dead snake, Henry
my right hip flexor is a bit tweaked right now due to over stretching and punishment practice.  i noticed it on thursday, but it is even more intense right now.  it doesn't hurt when i run, but it is nagging and feels like a very sore/possibly a minor strained muscle.

also, a spot on my foot has been bugging me.  it only hurts when i get up in the middle of the night or if i'm not wearing shoes.  it's on the outside of my left foot.

today was the time trial.  i ended up running a comfortable 17:19.  we had 8 girls under a solid 18:15.  how fantastic to start out the season so strong. we have a few injuries early in the season but it is looking hopeful that these injuries will not be devistating to the late season.  we should have everyone 100% come SEC time ;)
my other half
monday we get our new shoes.  i am in dire need of new shoes.  they are coral pink tempos and lime green/pink supernovas.  thank you adidas.  a lot of people bash on adidas running gear, granted i'm not the biggest fan of their shorts, their shoes are perfect for my feet and i really love their sports bras.  nike spanks take the cake though (that is what i did the time trial in)  coach franks isn't a fan of running buns....maybe i should just show up to practice with a running skort next week, oh and maybe one of those one-strap sports bras. HA. just kidding!  I LOVE BUNS!

katie and i

stay classy starkville

i have been getting back to the basics lately.  God has been showing me a lot of neat things.

  • like how selfish i am 
  • how prideful i am
  • how i always make excuses to do/not do something
  • how quick to make a decision i am
  • how i am not content with things
  • how i lead a double life
  • how i always what more
  • how i feel the need to plan everything
  • how entirely dependent i am on money
  • how much i worry about minuscule things instead of trusting God's promises
  • how i want everything now now now
  • how i don't make it a point to thank God of praise Him

our 4th year together.
CR and I
i realize that God works in mysterious ways.  for example: you help lead someone to Christ and the Holy Spirit completely transforms their life from the inside out, and then 6 months later they hold you accountable from 3000 miles away without even knowing it.   God is amazing, and i challenge those who may not agree with me to search for themselves, to dig into the Bible and find answers, to look at the sunset and admire His works, to start talking to God (Hey God, it's Renee, i know i haven't talked to you in a while, but here i am.  how was your day? well, here was how mine was.......)
i am getting back to the basics.  reading a little in my bible each day, regularly talking to God, journaling occasionally, and listening to more kLove.  with the start of a new semester, i want to make sure i make this year all it can be.  i have a lot of freshmen under my wing and i feel responsible to guide them in a healthy direction.  i wish i had someone when i was a freshman to help me along.  i don't want these girls to fall in to the nasty trap of incompleteness that i did my freshman year.

i'm really excited about all the possibilities that could arise in the next few months.


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  1. yeah what's up with adidas shorts? all of them... spandex, running, and even buns. terrible.