Monday, July 11, 2011


10 miles 
6:59 pace
along the canal on crushed gravel
22 lbs of ice for my ice bath
:) finally happy girl

needless  to say, i finally feel rejuvenated.  especially since i willed myself to sleep for 12 hours yesterday.  that is more sleep than i have been getting in 2.5 days combined.

my new clothes!
it's been a long month already not having anyone to train with.  i miss my bulldog family.

i don't know how people train alone.

i'm remembering my goals, my team goals, and being smart.  i'm working really hard on being patient and if i think i need a day off, i take it.  last week i took 2 days off, my body was nearly about to collapse from fatigue and straight-up tiredness.

this week (60-miler) should be a much better week.  i will have access to ice bathing EVERY day which will be supreme.  thank God for hotel ice-machines!
Lightning was interested in my ice bath.
 headed to disney world,
love noodle butt

i'm reverting to a 5-yr old when i go tomorrow.

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