Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a great 8-miles

haley, anna, simone, and i ran 8 miles today.  haley had 10 miles and her and anna ran a little faster than simone and i wanted to run.  however, this allowed simone and i to spend some quality time together just chatting/running.  i love that the summer has allowed me to get to know simone on a more personal basis.
also, i was able to just think a lot.  lately i have posted some things on my blog that cause some people to worry.  i'm fine, honestly.  i post on here because becoming vulnerable to the 30+ people who read my blog gives hope, comfort, confiedence, and advice.  also it is a chance to evaluate myself personally, something that i believe shows strength and courage to admit things when something is going on.  thank you to those people who have read my blog and given me support. i appreciate those people who have no tried to tear me down emotionally.we ran south farm.  according to mapmyrun, i ran 8.4 miles and averaged 6:57 min/mile.  i am pleased with this.  still a little faster than i would like to go, but today was supposed to be a quality pace.  i know i could slow down if i wanted to but i just can't some times.

i was very hungry after the run so i made this delicious bagel sandwich.  it was good.  i'm also drinking city bagel coffee (which is where i picked up the day old bagels for $2!)

i am watching "beyond ordinary" on TLC and it's about these 2 savant twins.  it is really interesting.  i need to get ready for class.  i lost track of time.


  1. You will always be fine because you are awesome :) I got my spandex from I order the blemished for 6.99/7.99 because I am cheap! hahaha

  2. You're wonderful. And fast.
    And I'm sorry I ran TOO fast today.
    You are smart for listening to your body, though.
    But that bagel sandwich looks yum :)
    I love how you fuel your body.
    Have I mentioned your body?
    Yea, I love it ;) haha no homo
    And that booty of yours... stop hatin' on it. K? K :) Love you!

  3. I'm coming here from Samantha's blog. Your 8 mile time is super amazing, seriously :). As far as what you share on your blog, that's totally up to you- it's YOUR blog. And even though it makes you vulnerable, it's probably really comforting to a lot of others out there who are dealing with the same issues.

    I love getting day old bread deals like that :). Especially when I go to the grocery store around lunchtime :).