Wednesday, June 1, 2011

back in the 662

my boyfriend is such a babe
texas was such a great break from the every day routine.  i wish i could go back and live in those memories, but i know that the future holds more enthralling adventures.  luckily, because i'm a picture fiend, these memories will never slip away.  if it is true that the camera steals a part of your soul, i've been living without one for quite some time.

i am back in Starkville training and going to summer school.  i am taking a class called biology of vertebrates.  i am pretty sure it will be a fun class and keep me throughly entertained.  i love vertebrates and i love classifying organisms.  NERD ALERT!! i will be so busy with the lab though that i don't think i will be able to work part time like i had hoped.  i really wanted to work for my landlord by cleaning units for the fall move-in.  i still might be able to work on the weekends.  some cash is better than no cash.

the group!
we have a pretty good running group.  me, anna, haley, katie, dom, simone, and adriana.  it should be an eventful summer training.  i got my training schedule yesterday and i will be hitting 65 miles per week by the end of the summer.  we ran at 6am this morning and by 6:30 it was burning.  the humidity it what kills, i don't so much mind the heat.  tomorrow, anna is bringing her goggles and i will be running with my snorkel.  haley did a 6x600 workout today in prep for her national 10k next week.  she is just going to light the track on fire!

i will kill you
total domination
julian goes zoolander
the watergardens in fort worth
oh just in the canoe
a baby crab
yo (john's bro) and taylor (ana's boyfriend) tubing
john and i
about to throw down some serious skill

alison (john's cousin), ana (john's sister), and i

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