Tuesday, April 19, 2011

windy workout doesn't stop from great times

4 x 600 / 400

(this was supposed to be 800's instead of 600's, but the wind was monstrous.  we were going to then do 5 x 600 / 400 but because chloe and i far exceeded what we were intended to run, coach cut it short)

1:51         1:52            1:47           1:47
  71            69               68               69

a big thanks to chloe phillips!  had i not had the privilege to run this workout with you, there is no way my times would have been as fast.  i'm so glad to be back working out with you.  thank you for pulling me along....oh, and letting me draft off you (HAHAHA JK)  great job and i'm continuously and constantly impressed by your buffering capacity, you animal.

tomorrow is technically my last day of class, YES!  i will be done with my junior year in less than one week.  my last final ends at 10am next tuesday.

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    I'm so glad you are back to doing workouts and racing! It's amazing how fast you bounce back! You are really such an amazing/strong person. Also, reading your blog helps me as well in staying strong because you always have something postive to say. I'm glad everything is going well for you! I am too doing GREAT with everything..I am on such a HIGH right now (the natural one haha) I never thought I would get this far in my recovery! Thanks for your support and good luck with the rest of your track season!