Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ole Miss is actually good for something.....good for SETTING PERSONAL RECORDS

today was the Ole Miss track invite.  I was really looking forward to this meet.  I knew that this was going to be a crucial meet in not only my training, but the entire teams.  Positively, there were nearly 50 new PR's across the board men's and women's team.  What great news!

I ran a 4:33. Finally.

That was a 12-13 second improvement from last meet.  WHAT IN THE WORLD!?  :)  coach's training is finally whipping me into shape after 3 months off.  I am just excited to be running with Chloe again.  She pushes me to be the runner I want to be.  She is a great friend and teammate!

For outsiders reading this: that is one of the reasons I love MSU.  We are a team. We fight for each other. We push each other. We hold each other accountable....and most of all, WE LOVE EACH OTHER!

Our 4x1500 is going to be competitive at Penn.
Today at Ole Mis Chloe went 4:28, Me at 4:33, Katie at 4:35, and Haley at 4:37.  We all can run at least 2 seconds faster, if not more, with one more week of training.  Penn, HERE WE COME!

Here are some pictures from the meet.  
I hope you enjoy.  
It was an exciting day....most of all because SCHOOL IS DONE!

Josh having a good day jumping

Haley stretching

Mike after a tactical 5k/workout

CR, my roommate, my lover, my woman!! YA!

Favian in finals of shot

Adriana in steeple, posting a PR

spike time

4:33 at Ole Miss

Happy Easter from 'Sippi

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  1. I probably had the worst race ever at this meet. :( If you were there watching the 5k then you saw me crying the last mile. What a sad day.