Monday, April 4, 2011

i love you, Running

Running, you broke up with me today
but i am fighting back
i want to share everything with you, Running
you bring me so much happiness
i'm fighting back for what we had
you are traveling without me this weekend.
Running, you left me for others
i can't stand knowing that you, Running, don't find me suitable at the moment
Running, i want to show you that i care, because i never stopped
i want you to lift me up like you used to
we have shared so many good times in the past,
that not continuing our relationship would be a complete loss
we've been together at 8,000 ft,
we've travelled and have gone sight seeing together
we were together on the beaches early in the morning
how many sunrises and sunsets have we shared!?
you've taught me who i am.
Running, you and I were meant to be together forever
it breaks my heart to know that we broke up
i am crying my eyes out for you Running, you're gone
Running, i'm trying to get back to you
i want you to have my everything.
i'll do anything you want me to do
i just want to have you back, Running
please understand, my Running, that i never want to be apart for one minute more.

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