Thursday, March 10, 2011

details in the fabric

just because i act like everything is okay, doesn't mean it is
just because i hide behind my smile, doesn't mean i'm happy
just because i take my grades seriously, doesn't mean i'll get a 4.0
just because i fill my time with meaningless tasks, doesn't mean i'm necessarily busy
just because i dance in the sunshine, doesn't mean i really feel the warmth
just because i want my dreams to come true, doesn't mean they will
just because i drink a lot of coffee, doesn't mean i'm permanently high on caffeine
just because i can run, doesn't mean i'll break a record
just because i strum my guitar, doesn't mean i can sing at the same time
just because i act like everything comes easy, doesn't mean it is
just because i want to take the fall for you, doesn't mean i won't fall with you
just because i play like i have found a new me, doesn't mean i know who i am

but one thing is true:
because i say i care, always means i'll care for you, and you, and you, and everyone else.

it's not easy for me, the girl who tries to be strong for everyone else


i was able to run over 3 miles yesterday. today i am backing it down to 20 minutes but then tomorrow i will try to run 30 minutes.  mileage is slowly going up and i am quickly getting back into shape. but running isn't everything, as those who have never been injured may come to see one day.  there is a lot outside of running to be grateful for.  however, when push comes to shove, running and anything/everything that goes with running molded me into who i am today.

i really love running.

p.s. i'd rather fight forever than forever not talk to you. i must be crazy.

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