Sunday, February 6, 2011


so i have this problem that has been going on for awhile, and i don't know how to address it or stop doing it.  i don't know what is wrong with me and i don't even know why i am doing it.

here it is: i keep pulling my hair out.

the thing is, it does not even hurt to pull it out.  today in the shower i pulled a mighty amount out.  the most ever since this has been going on.  it didn't hurt.  to see that much it at first freaked me out bad and started to cry, but just continued to do it.   my shower wall is disgustingly decorated.   my hair is just so stretchy and comes out so easy.  it feels good to pull out my hair.

i think this is really weird, i need to stop because my hair (in my opinion) is beautiful.  i want to keep my luscious locks looking lively.

i think maybe i am weird or something, actually, i know i am weird because the Swiffer Dusters commercial where the lint man in the keyboard jumps on the duster like he loves it just cracks me up.

love always,
House Hunters champion of reading people and determining which house they will pick before they pick it

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  1. i pull my hair out TOO! i have horrible split ends even though i am VERY good to my hair and hate seeing them so i pull them out lol. i really REALLY need to stop this...