Wednesday, February 16, 2011

direction determines your destination

recovery is going well right now.  i have biked for 45 minutes on monday and then walked about 4 miles with my valentine, aj.  she really is the greatest ever.  yesterday i biked for 50 minutes.  it was incredible and i moved the bike outside in order to soak up some vitamin D.  vitamin D makes me so happy for life.  this is good because recently i have been epically depressed for sundry reasons that i'll leave unmentionable.  
i don't think i am going to bike today because my knee is a tad sore and swollen.  i want to give it adequate time to heal properly.  my scaring is diminishing and the knots under my incisions are gradually decreasing.    however, there is still much soreness and bruising associated with my knee. 

i am making positive changes in my life as of recently and i am liking the progress i have been able to feel/see in my every day routine.  however small the changes may be, they are resulting in magnificent changes in my attitude, outlook, and mentalness (if mentalness is even a word).
direction determines your destination.

i want to get to point C from point A, yet i try to jump to point D instead of going through point B to get to C.  why would anyone try to go to D because reaching B to get to C.  no one in their right mind.  

if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always got. 

(that is applicable to so many aspects of my life)

i really miss cross-country, i can't wait to feel apart of the team again after this injury.

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  1. i'm definitely stealing that last quote at some point in the near future :)