Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bruised among other things

listening to: expression by: helen jane long

bruised knee.
my knee was slightly more bruised today due to the intense physical therapy yesterday.  no PT today, but i did swim for 15 minutes.  my attitude has been fluctuating severely recently so katie told me to go burn some steam in the pool.  the only thing swimming in the pool made me was feel fat and made me even more bored/brain dead than i was.  more physical therapy tomorrow.

slightly more bruising today
this scar is going to be smaller than last time
one baby calf and one good size calf
bruised arms.
i found several bruises on my arms today.  i have no idea how they got there and i am now paranoid about it.  i woke up with them.
bruised head.
i pulled out another huge chunk of hair in the back of my head.  i now have a goose-egg where my hair once grew.
bruised brain.
i have a human genetics test tomorrow and it has the potential to scar me with my first F in my life.  i hope to earn a C (which i also have never received)
bruised heart.
i have become the very person i told myself to never become.

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  1. hang in there girl. you'll persevere just like you have every other time. keep pushing through! i'm always praying for ya :) and it's okay to be the person you never wanted to be. it makes you step back and appreciate the REAL you and puts you back on track! if you ever need anything i'm just a text away ;-)