Friday, January 28, 2011

surgery success

before surgery
surgery went well. i was so dehydrated and hungry going into surgery because i was not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight.  i was so happy to be with my best friend loren through the whole process.  it was really a neat experience.  also, my parents were there to hold my hand through the process.  i am not scared of needles or anything and actually thought it was neat to watch all the prep work.

i really appreciate all the prayers and thoughts for loren and i through this time.  even though i have had surgery before, it is still a stressful and thought-provoking event.  i was not nervous and quite honestly, i just wanted it to be done.

loren should be running in 2-3 weeks.  she had plica which is just severe inflammation of the connecting tissue on the inside of the knee.

i should be back to cross training in 3 weeks and hopefully trying to run in 4-5 weeks.

before surgery with my Jiffy Pop Hat ^_<

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