Saturday, January 8, 2011


hello and welcome to 2011!

it has been a very interesting end of one/start of another year.  as you may not be aware, i haven't run for a month now due to IT band inflammation/tightness and possibly scare tissue in my joints.  it has been quite frustrating because i had such a pleasantly unexpected, successful season in cross-country.  however, you have to take the good with the bad, and quite frankly, i know my body well enough to know when i can keep going and when i need to call it quits.  if anyone knows me, it's me.  
the scary thing about this "injury" (i use that term lightly) is that it is strikingly similar to my right knee injury which i eventually had surgery.  
once i got back to school, i was immediately put on a dose pack (high anti-inflammatory) and cross trained like a maniac.  honestly, you know my feelings on cross-training.  i'm a pansy.  i would swim if i liked being cold, but then again, i am a pansy.  i have a fondness, almost a flirting relationship with the elliptical that the stationary bike is quite jealous over.  the bike is good, it has always been there for me when i needed it, but quite honestly, i just don't want it back.  tough. anyway, i'm tired of this affair with cross-training and i just want to get back to my romance with running.  oh how i just miss it with growing affection and utter longing.  

ha ha, listen to me.

anyway, to catch you dudes up to speed. 


but, that is only one day.  however, i am continuing on the dose pack and taking everything a day at a time.  there is no need to rush, especially if avoiding surgery is a possibility.  

surgery would be an okay alternative for me, because i know first hand how successful it can be.  i have not once had a problem with my right knee since last february.  however, getting surgery also means being out 8-10+ weeks, and i just don't have that kind of time to sit around.  i want to run, i want to win, and i want to kill the BIG TEN at the BIG TEN/SEC CHALLENGE in March here on our brand new $3 million track.  yes, i'm sorry if that is vain of me, but i do.  



  1. You are so strong, and I know that whether or not you end up getting surgery, you will come out of this "injury" a much stronger person and runner! I love you so much, and I can't wait to have you running next to me, destroying the Big Ten in our meet or some other time in the near future :)

  2. LOVE reading your blog. I have a newwwww blog so check it out :)