Monday, December 20, 2010



I just spent 2 hours shoveling snow.  I don't know what provoked me to start shoveling....maybe it was the 6" of snow....maybe not.  Anyway, it was dumping on Indy.  I had just gotten back from Barnes and Noble where I picked up a copy of "The Christian Atheist." 
I am enamored by this book and I am no more than 30 pages in.  I am captivated by it (it's ironic that I say I am captivated because I stopped reading "Captivating " in order to find something new. 
I have mixed thoughts on that book.  What she says is decent, how she sells it is horrible (more like she is selling how awesome her book is), and maybe I am just not ready for that kind of "insight" just yet.  Anyway, "The Christian Atheist" is about people who say they are Christians, but they don't live it.  In fact, they live their life like God doesn't exist, following their own desires and making their own plans without regard to others or God. I have to boldly confess, I am a Christian Atheist, and I don't want to be anymore.  I think this is the American Christianity's problem today.  We are more interested in being religious, instead of having an interest in a RELATIONSHIP with God.  We (well, I know I do) get caught up in the motions of "Christianity" instead of BEING a genuine Christ follower. I am not proud of this, and I am ashamed that I would so poorly represent Christ's love to the world.  I am sorry if I have turned you away from believing in God because of my hypocrisy.  I am trying to draw nearer to Christ every day and surrender my life to his Lordship, but I am a selfish human being.  I guess the first step in rehab is recognizing your mistake.  Step 1, check. 
Back to shoveling.
I wanted to clear my head and let some things really resonate in my thoughts.  So, I started shoveling.  IT was fun.  I shoveled the dentist office, the patio, the driveway, the sidewalks....and then did it again.  Dad came out about an hour into it.  We went to Mom's office and shoveled her properties and the apartment parking lot.  It was fun to spend that time with my dad.  He is my hero.

Who needs a gym when you can shovel for 5 hours a day?

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