Thursday, November 25, 2010

indiana is cold

i want this one day.

no running for me, but that doesn't mean i can't take a mean walk in a 30-degree, sleeting rain to burn some energy and be alone in my thoughts as the pellets pound my face and cut my lips.

thanksgiving was a blast. i have never laughed so hard with my family. it was so encouraging, they know how to lift a girl's spirits for at least a few hours anyway. we played apples to apples for a collective 7 hours i am estimating. it could have been longer. if you have never played, it's a riot with 12 people. you get some hilarious combinations. thanks to grandpa for the best wine in the entire world. i guess it is just a masteron thing. maybe i drank to much, but it sure was delicious.
the drive home from evansville was the most fun i have had with my sister in a very, VERY long time. i enjoyed every single minute on that 3.5 hour drive. we listened to taylor swift's new CD.....about 3 times. i recommend listening to it, wow, will it put you in the best mood. also, we listened to rhianna's new CD...also a very good recommendation.

got my ray bans on and i'm feelin' hella cool tonight,

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