Friday, October 29, 2010

i feel like a track runner, baby

this week has been an interesting week of practice. it is a down week, which i am not too enthuased about. i literally lived for friday's workout. i could not WAIT until friday got here so i could move my legs a little. in fact, maybe i pushed it just a bit yesterday after practice by doing strides.

this morning's workout was 800-1600-800 with 3 minutes between each one. yeah, talk about a sigh of relief not seeing 7x1600 or something insane like that. however, i almost wish it had been 8-16-8-16-8. i know each workout is a part of a big plan, but my legs were feeling it and my smile was big this morning.

800 on 2nd half of research--> 2:28
1600 on full research-->5:25
800 on 1st half research uphill-->2:31

in all, yeah, i just loved this workout. i felt like a track runner,baby. i love this fast, short interval stuff. call me insane in the membrane, but im looking forward to 16x400 at 70 with 60-90 seconds rest. yes, i seriously can't wait until that day.

but for now, i will focus on finishing out this season hard. we have SECs on monday in columbia, SC. it's flat as a pancake on that course, 3 big loops to give me a 6k. this will be interesting. then regionals is less than 2 weeks afterwards in birmingham. :) what a fun season this has been so far.

and let me not forget to praise God for my ability. let me not forget that it is for Him i run alone. let me not forget that i'm not injured and glory to the Father. and if once ounce of pride should ever enter my heart, i hope God ripes that pride away for me selfishly boasting in myself. God's awesome, yay. just kinda wanted to do a little heel-click when i typed that last sentence. :)



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