Saturday, September 4, 2010


click here for the article "Bulldogs Bring Home the Silver in Their 2010 Cross-Country Debut"
congrats to the MSU men's and women's cross country teams! both teams placed 2nd at the UGA invite. our goal was to be tough, and racing tough is what we did. the men fought hard against a stacked UGA and made georgia race harder than they wanted to. the women performed tough and worked well as a team.
for the first time while being a bulldog, i got a true sense of team unity. i felt as though we all had each other's backs no matter what the outcome of the race was.
the women's team ended up being only 50sec from 1-5th. we packed up very well. in years previous there were nearly 2 minutes between our 1-5th. we are finally coming together as a team and will be a big threat in larger meets as we pack up and run tough. i am so proud to be a bulldog.
i personally finished 5th overall in a time of 18:14. i'm not thrilled with this because i know i can run faster than that; also, i got passed at the finish line. this doesn't happen, yet it did. we face tulane again at regionals and you can bet that i won't let her pass me again. overall however, i am pleased with how the meet went. i guess it is nice to know there is much room for improvement.


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